Above the limits

Both training and sojourning in conditions replicating high altitudes improves organism’s endurance at a sea level as well as in mountains. This provides athletes with a serious advantage over their competition.

Due to adaptations of the cardiovascular and muscular systems and changes in blood composition athletes are able to enhance their endurance and fitness. Scientific research has demonstrated that implementation of hypoxia in one’s training can result in an

increase in VO₂ max or threshold power by up to 10%.

Correct implementation of hypoxia in a training programme results in muscle adaptation and changes in mitochondria, which are responsible for generating energy. This results in improvements in both anaerobic and aerobic conditioning, which is a legal way of enhancing organism’s capacity.

HYPOINT® chamber has been equipped with Wahoo trainers with real-time measurements of power output as well as sophisticated software.

Thanks to PerfPRO Studio programme it is possible to adjust and control the power level of each training in real-time.

Improve organism’s functioning
under oxygen deficit

Increase in VO 2 max or
threshold power

Contribute to increase capacity
during interval training

Enhanced efficiency of

Improved recovery between
interval trainings

Invigorated metabolism and burning
fat due to increased production
of growth hormones


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