What is Hypoint?

Hypoint is the first in Poland and the biggest in Europe training chamber which facilitates training in a reduced oxygen environment. The conditions occurring in Hypoint imitate the ones that can be found on high altitudes.

Hypoint reduces the level of oxygen up to a level of 6000 meters above sea level, whilst keeping the pressure unchanged, which makes your training more challenging and beneficial.

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What are the

Increased capacity of heart,
lungs and muscle

Improved cardiovascular

Enhanced altitude


fat loss

Quicker recovery
after an injury

Who is it for?

Training in a high-altitude environment can be beneficial for everyone who is looking to enhance the gains of regular training, particularly for:

  • Professional athletes as well as those practicing a vast range of endurance sports, such as: triathlon, cycling, rowing and anoeing, team sports and  martial arts,
  • Mountaineers,
  • Those looking to accelerate their recovery after an injury,
  • Special forces, such as: firefighters, divers and soldiers.


Due to adaptations of the cardiovascular and muscular systems and changes in blood composition athletes are able to enhance their endurance and fitness.

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Scientific research has demonstrated that implementation of hypoxia in one’s training can result in an increase in VO₂ max or threshold power by up to 10%.

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‘Hypoint substitutes me for what I encounter in the mountains. It is certainly the highest point in Cracow and perhaps the whole Poland. Metaphorically’

Andrzej Bargiel


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If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to email us at kontakt@hypoint.pl.
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